Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sigma 10 - 20 mm

Finally, I got my hands on Sigma 10 – 20 mm Ultra wide angle lens. It’s the widest angle lens available in market currently. The lens seems a classy piece of equipment to be added to any photographers collection. The lens is a delight for street and landscape photography, the wide angle adds a lot of dramatic feel to the photograph, especially on a cloudy day.

It was right day to buy a lens and test it, Dublin summer festival was going on just next to my neighbourhood. I tried and tested the lens to its fullest today and it performed up to my expectations. Below I give out some inferences in
terms of its performance.

  • Resolution

    Sharpness is generally high in the centre of the frame, but is less impressive towards the edges. The lens is sharpest at the long end, and while it's also pretty good at 10mm, performance is weaker in the middle of the zoom range, especially towards the corners. Optimum results are generally achieved on stopping down to F8 or F11

  • Chromatic Aberration

    Chromatic aberration is extremely well controlled, indeed this is the standout feature of this lens. When present it tends to be mainly of the visually less disturbing blue/yellow type, and even then is only really visible in the extreme corners of the frame at wideangle. Very impressive indeed.

  • Distortion

    Distortion is a little high, especially when compared to the
    other wideangle zooms I used recently. There's fairly strong (2.4%) barrel distortion at wideangle, with a rather unusual and complex pattern, localized mainly towards the corners of the frame (and therefore difficult to correct fully in software). This changes to pincushion distortion at longer focal lengths, peaking at -1.4% around 14mm.

Test Shots :

At 10mm & 20mm

Test Shot at 10mmTest Shot at 20mm

PS : I had always been craving for this lens and finally I have it today, thanks to a very special friend, Shashi, for this wonderful gift.


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